Visiting Boston and what you’ve GOT to check out!

Among the popular cities to visit in the US, Boston is a must see. This capital city that belongs to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a world hub of economic and cultural activities. It is part of Suffolk County in the state and forms part of the New England region, which is in the northeast part of the state. It is one of the oldest cities in this country and comprises of the Greater Boston area as well, which combines to have 4.8 million residents in total.

This city was formed back in 1630 when Puritan settlers came here from England. Many historic events are linked to this city whose relics and landmark areas can be seen here such as the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, American Revolution, Battle of Bunker Hill and others. The city is also known to be a manufacturing hub and a port as well. There are several renowned colleges and universities located here.

Among the places worth checking out you can start with Boston Common. This place is near the Financial District and Beacon Hill; it is a public park that goes back several centuries.

Boston Public Garden is another landmark area to check out which not only has several recreational facilities, but offers splendid views of the city, being part of the Emerald Necklace which is a series of parks that were designed by the famed Frederick Law Olmsted.

The Franklin Park is known to be the largest park of the city which includes the Hatch Shell, which is a popular venue for outdoor concerts.

Visit Beantown next which houses the Symphony Hall. Here the Boston Pops orchestra is known to perform and witnessing one of these performances would be a great musical experience.

Among the cultural institutions in the city one can visit the Museum of Fine Arts which has a world class collection of renowned exhibits.

The places to see in and around Boston are numerous; besides visiting landmark tourist destinations one can enjoy experiencing life and culture of the place by strolling by the Public Garden or Newbury Street. The waterfront area has several eateries and retail destinations that are popular with tourists.