Top Places I recommend you check out when in Portugal

Portugal lies by the Atlantic coast which is on the Iberian Peninsula. It is a country that is most visited and is known for its historical heritage as well as the beautiful coastline that it features. The country being of a compact size, one can easily cover the important landmarks here within a short time span.  Portugal is simply a beautiful place to visit.

Praia Da Marinha

This is a place that is a beautiful beach destination in this country. It is located by the Atlantic coast and there are sandy beaches, blue waters and high cliffs that characterize this region. The beach also offers snorkeling opportunities. 

University of Coimbra

This is one of the oldest universities in Europe, having been established in the 13th century. The university has several sections that were built in consecutive years along with fine examples of Baroque architecture.

Alcobaca Monastery

This is a monastery that was built in the Roman Catholic times and was built by Afonso Henriques, who was the first king of Portugal.

Sao Jorge Castle

This is a castle located in Lisbon, which forms one of the main tourist attractions of the city. This castle is a must visit by most tourists in the region as it goes back to Roman times and was rebuilt by the Moors in the tenth century.

There are numerous other castles, palaces and towers that give you a feel of medieval life and history. For instance, Cais Da Ribeira is a district in Porto which offers charming scenery and glimpses of how medieval life used to be. Obidos castle is another place that is located by Obidos that is a small city which dates back to Roman times. Belem Tower is another place which is also known as Tower of St Vincent. This tower lies by the Tagus river in Lisbon, which is the capital city of Portugal. Pena National Palace is another place that stands over the clouds and sits atop a hill which is close to Lisbon.