Top Attractions In Cincinnati

If you wish to visit a principal city of the state of Ohio, it would be Cincinnati. This city also serves as the seat of Hamilton County. It was formed by settlers who came to this region in 1788, located at the confluence of Licking River. The city also forms a combined statistical area of Cincinnati-Middletown-Wilmington and is known to be one of the fastest growing economic hubs in the Midwestern US.

Cincinnati rose to prominence in the 19th century and it rivaled the adjacent coastal cities in terms of wealth as well as size. At such a time it was ranked as the sixth biggest city which was founded after the American Revolution. Being the first inland city to be created in a major way, it was characterized as a city that was truly American. Cincinnati also became home to sports clubs which are well known across the country, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cincinnati Reds. University of Cincinnati was formed in 1819 which is ranked as one of the oldest and largest across the country. The city is also known for the historic architecture that can be found around here.

Known as Paris of America, the city stands testimony to certain ambitious architectural projects that were executed here such as the Cincinnatian Hotel. Stop by here to check out this historic renovated hotel which has its hallways filled with memories of guests and eras of the past that it has witnessed.

Being close to Newport, one can stop by at the Newport Aquarium. Here the displays of sea life are spectacular that comprise of rays to jellyfishes. There are walk through tunnels and different kinds of exhibits featuring sting rays and penguins.

Cincinnati Museum Centre located at Union Terminal is another place worth stopping by. This museum is known for interactive exhibits that are developed for kids. Here one can explore books as well as take part in educational programs.

Coney Island is a fun park with a vintage flair. There are bumper boats that one can ride in a giant pool as well as diving boards and slides.


Another architectural wonder is the John A Roebling suspension bridge. It is an innovative landmark of the 19th century, which links Kentucky and Ohio. The cable lighting and flags on the bridge make it distinctive.