San Diego is the California city you MUST visit

Lining the Pacific Ocean in South California, San Diego is a large city that plays host to a number of tourist attractions and activities. The city is known for its beaches and its institutions. It is the second largest city of California with a rich culture, history, food and nightlife. If you’re thinking of visiting San Diego, make sure you make a plan for the summers so you can enjoy beach activities and swimming to the fullest.


What to See in San Diego


San Diego is divided into several districts each with their own set of tourist attractions and activities. The city not only has museum and art centers for adults to appreciate but a number of places to take children with as well. A family trip to San Diego is perfect to make sure your children enjoy their holidays.


The Cabrillo Park and National Monument is a landmark every tourist makes sure to visit since it is unique to the city. The monument commemorates the first time in 1542 when the Europeans landed on the soils of western America. Apart from the Cabrillo Park where this monument is erected, San Diego has other parks for you to relax or have picnics in. One worth mentioning is the Balboa Park, a wonderful family-friendly attraction.


For children, the San Diego Zoo is a popular spot. The zoo hosts over 3700 rare animals and thousands of exotic plants. Plus, this is the same zoo featured in the animated movie Madagascar!


Along with the zoos and safari parks in the city, San Diego boasts aquariums like the Sea World and the Birch Aquarium.


What to Do in San Diego


When you’re visiting San Diego, you simply cannot forget to clear a day to hang out the beach. The Ocean Beach and Mission Beach are popular resorts with a myriad of seaside activities even cycling and rollerblading!

Another activity San Diego is famous for is its iconic beer and beer tasting. The city has over a hundred wine breweries that you can visit and taste the finest beers and wines of the country.