Providence, Rhode Island – Top 3 Things To See & Why You Should Visit


Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island. It was founded in the year 1636 and is a historic city of the country. Roger Williams, who was on a religious exile, founded the city. He named it such as he felt that God provided this haven or revealed this place to him and for his followers. The city is located by Providence River and lies at the head region of Narragansett Bay.

Providence city saw one of the first surges of industrialization in the country. Textile manufacturing started here, along with silverware, jewelry and machine tool industries. The city has several institutions of higher education as well as is home to several hospitals and service industries; justly it is known as the creative capital of the city.

Providence city is next to Boston and Worcester in terms of population. The city has an irregular layout with thousands of streets that radiate out from Market Square. Downtown Providence has several mercantile buildings that are built along the Victorian and Federal architectural styles and of the 19th century; there are several modernist and post-modern buildings that also make the cityscape interesting to check out.

One can check out Capitol center, which has several popular landmarks such as the Providence Place Mall, The Residences Providence, Omni Providence Hotel, Water place Park, GTech Corporation and other places like the Water place condominiums. The historic areas of the city have several well preserved buildings that maintain their century old look and feel. One of them is the art deco style 111 Westminster Street. One can also check out Westminster Arcade which is one of the oldest shopping malls in the country, built in 1828. With an interesting cityscape and history, this city has much to offer that creates an interesting tour and travel experience for visitors here. There are numerous parks and memorial landmarks to visit in and around the city as well.