Galapagos: The Most Unique Ecosystem In The World

Definitely one of the best places to travel on this whole planet earth is Galapagos, all thanks to its diverse and untouched natural aura of beauty filled and complete with ecosystems that are somewhat not touched and are calm. Funny, isn’t it that the iconic lizard sort of the creature which we usually see on camera is just a vegetarian who doesn’t eat meat or other animal whereas tortoises and turtles are as big as a man.

One of the best places which has almost all the necessary and desired facilities for a traveler is the area of Puerto Ayora as it happened to contain almost everything ranging from a simple restaurant to a restroom and even lots of tired busy people returning from office to home.

This place lies just right on the banks and has other amenities such as beaches and water taxis. The average cost for one person has to be around 100 dollars if you want to try about an all day snorkeling or a land excursion trip around the region’s of Isla Daphne. You can chance upon some or the best souvenir and memorable items for yourself as well as your family, friends or relatives, but make sure you fix in a good price as it being a tourist kiosk place you might get away with the stuff at a comparatively higher price.

Another interesting activity which you could put your hands on is to explore the caves which are dimly lit and have to cross through by crawling through very small areas.

The transportation facilities here consist of airplanes, boats and water taxis mainly. The few of the hotels in the Galapagos Islands are Semilla Verde, Fiesta, Mi Camera Inn, Colons Galapagos Hotel, Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, Hotel Choice Suites and La Casa De Marita.