Top Places I recommend you check out when in Portugal

Portugal lies by the Atlantic coast which is on the Iberian Peninsula. It is a country that is most visited and is known for its historical heritage as well as the beautiful coastline that it features. The country being of a compact size, one can easily cover the important landmarks here within a short time span.  Portugal is simply a beautiful place to visit.

Praia Da Marinha

This is a place that is a beautiful beach destination in this country. It is located by the Atlantic coast and there are sandy beaches, blue waters and high cliffs that characterize this region. The beach also offers snorkeling opportunities.  An old friend, Melissa, who owns McCauley Electrical in Albany, New York has been to this beach and says the experience is like none other!!!

University of Coimbra

This is one of the oldest universities in Europe, having been established in the 13th century. The university has several sections that were built in consecutive years along with fine examples of Baroque architecture.

Alcobaca Monastery

This is a monastery that was built in the Roman Catholic times and was built by Afonso Henriques, who was the first king of Portugal.

Sao Jorge Castle

This is a castle located in Lisbon, which forms one of the main tourist attractions of the city. This castle is a must visit by most tourists in the region as it goes back to Roman times and was rebuilt by the Moors in the tenth century.

There are numerous other castles, palaces and towers that give you a feel of medieval life and history. For instance, Cais Da Ribeira is a district in Porto which offers charming scenery and glimpses of how medieval life used to be. Obidos castle is another place that is located by Obidos that is a small city which dates back to Roman times. Belem Tower is another place which is also known as Tower of St Vincent. This tower lies by the Tagus river in Lisbon, which is the capital city of Portugal. Pena National Palace is another place that stands over the clouds and sits atop a hill which is close to Lisbon.


Great Places to Visit In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina that needs little introduction. This colorful city whose name translates as “fair winds” or “good airs” is located by the estuary of Rio de la Plata. Being on the southeastern coast of South America, the place was originally founded in the 16th century. It also forms part of the Greater Buenos Aires area which includes several provincial districts. The city is an autonomous district that is considered as an alpha city. The quality of life here is considered one of the best among Latin American cities. The per capita income here is also highest and it is one of the most visited cities in South America.

Being a tourist destination of world class category, it is known for the Spanish and European style architecture it flaunts. It is also known for the cultural life here that is rich and varied. The immigrant communities here are diverse and many ethnic groups live here, making it one of the most diverse cities culturally in Latin America.

  • Among the different places that draw visitors, La Boca is a stadium and an alley that forms a popular area of the working class here and has several local attractions. People who come here find the zinc shacks here brightly painted, steakhouses all around and street artists who flaunt their art works here.
  • Casa Rosada is the presidential palace to visit here that has popular tours. This pink colored palace houses the present day presidential office and has several guided tours.
  • Plaza de Mayo is a popular area to visit in the city, being a central square that has iconic 19th century architecture all around. This city square has a rich history, being the place where the 1810 revolution took place and played a vital part in the independence movement of Argentina.
  • Obelisco de Buenos Aires has a white obelisk that is 67 m high and is iconic. It was made in 1936 to mark a meeting place for popular events.
  • La Recoleta cemetery is the other place to visit that is art rich and has famous mausoleums. It has several statues and was built in 1822.


Visiting Boston and what you’ve GOT to check out!

Among the popular cities to visit in the US, Boston is a must see. This capital city that belongs to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a world hub of economic and cultural activities. It is part of Suffolk County in the state and forms part of the New England region, which is in the northeast part of the state. It is one of the oldest cities in this country and comprises of the Greater Boston area as well, which combines to have 4.8 million residents in total.

This city was formed back in 1630 when Puritan settlers came here from England. Many historic events are linked to this city whose relics and landmark areas can be seen here such as the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, American Revolution, Battle of Bunker Hill and others. The city is also known to be a manufacturing hub and a port as well. There are several renowned colleges and universities located here.

Among the places worth checking out you can start with Boston Common. This place is near the Financial District and Beacon Hill; it is a public park that goes back several centuries.

Boston Public Garden is another landmark area to check out which not only has several recreational facilities, but offers splendid views of the city, being part of the Emerald Necklace which is a series of parks that were designed by the famed Frederick Law Olmsted.

The Franklin Park is known to be the largest park of the city which includes the Hatch Shell, which is a popular venue for outdoor concerts.

Visit Beantown next which houses the Symphony Hall. Here the Boston Pops orchestra is known to perform and witnessing one of these performances would be a great musical experience.

Among the cultural institutions in the city one can visit the Museum of Fine Arts which has a world class collection of renowned exhibits.

The places to see in and around Boston are numerous; besides visiting landmark tourist destinations one can enjoy experiencing life and culture of the place by strolling by the Public Garden or Newbury Street. The waterfront area has several eateries and retail destinations that are popular with tourists.

San Diego is the California city you MUST visit

Lining the Pacific Ocean in South California, San Diego is a large city that plays host to a number of tourist attractions and activities. The city is known for its beaches and its institutions. It is the second largest city of California with a rich culture, history, food and nightlife. If you’re thinking of visiting San Diego, make sure you make a plan for the summers so you can enjoy beach activities and swimming to the fullest.


What to See in San Diego


San Diego is divided into several districts each with their own set of tourist attractions and activities. The city not only has museum and art centers for adults to appreciate but a number of places to take children with as well. A family trip to San Diego is perfect to make sure your children enjoy their holidays.


The Cabrillo Park and National Monument is a landmark every tourist makes sure to visit since it is unique to the city. The monument commemorates the first time in 1542 when the Europeans landed on the soils of western America. Apart from the Cabrillo Park where this monument is erected, San Diego has other parks for you to relax or have picnics in. One worth mentioning is the Balboa Park, a wonderful family-friendly attraction.


For children, the San Diego Zoo is a popular spot. The zoo hosts over 3700 rare animals and thousands of exotic plants. Plus, this is the same zoo featured in the animated movie Madagascar!


Along with the zoos and safari parks in the city, San Diego boasts aquariums like the Sea World and the Birch Aquarium.


What to Do in San Diego


When you’re visiting San Diego, you simply cannot forget to clear a day to hang out the beach. The Ocean Beach and Mission Beach are popular resorts with a myriad of seaside activities even cycling and rollerblading!

Another activity San Diego is famous for is its iconic beer and beer tasting. The city has over a hundred wine breweries that you can visit and taste the finest beers and wines of the country.


Providence, Rhode Island – Top 3 Things To See & Why You Should Visit


Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island. It was founded in the year 1636 and is a historic city of the country. Roger Williams, who was on a religious exile, founded the city. He named it such as he felt that God provided this haven or revealed this place to him and for his followers. The city is located by Providence River and lies at the head region of Narragansett Bay.

Providence city saw one of the first surges of industrialization in the country. Textile manufacturing started here, along with silverware, jewelry and machine tool industries. The city has several institutions of higher education as well as is home to several hospitals and service industries; justly it is known as the creative capital of the city.

Providence city is next to Boston and Worcester in terms of population. The city has an irregular layout with thousands of streets that radiate out from Market Square. Downtown Providence has several mercantile buildings that are built along the Victorian and Federal architectural styles and of the 19th century; there are several modernist and post-modern buildings that also make the cityscape interesting to check out.

One can check out Capitol center, which has several popular landmarks such as the Providence Place Mall, The Residences Providence, Omni Providence Hotel, Water place Park, GTech Corporation and other places like the Water place condominiums. The historic areas of the city have several well preserved buildings that maintain their century old look and feel. One of them is the art deco style 111 Westminster Street. One can also check out Westminster Arcade which is one of the oldest shopping malls in the country, built in 1828. With an interesting cityscape and history, this city has much to offer that creates an interesting tour and travel experience for visitors here. There are numerous parks and memorial landmarks to visit in and around the city as well.